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InfoSapient is an Open Source, Common License 0.5, Java 1.2 and above, program for the easy expression, execution and maintenence of business rules within a company. View the Sourceforge project page for InfoSapient here:

What is InfoSapient

InfoSapient is a rules engine that allows members of the business community to enter and maintain business rules using everyday language. The resulting automated decision-making is similar to the way informed human make decisions. Many variables may be considered simultaneously and used to weigh risks and opportunities in order to arrive at the best course of action. Given ambiguous situations that are typically found in business processes, InfoSapient will always arrive at a 'best' course of action.  This allows complex decision-making to take place at the precise moment it is needed without depending on the skill and experience of a highly distributed workforce.

Please read our white paper The Representation and Execution of Business Rules to learn more about business rules and how InfoSapient can manage those rules.



InfoSapient is written  to the 100% Pure Java standard, albeit it has not been certified as such.


InfoSapient has been written using the following patterns:

  • MVC - of course, this is used to maintain state between servlets and the framework
  • Composite -
  • Visitor
  • Strategy
  • Facade
  • Factory Method
  • Observer
  • Iterator

Tested Application Servers

InfoSapient has been tested successfully using Apache Tomcat and IBM WebSphere Advanced 3.5 application servers.

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